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Houston Piano Movers is the premier piano moving company in the Houston area. We have years of experience moving, discarding, and picking up pianos around the Houston area and throughout Texas. We are passionate about pianos and will equally take pleasure and special care of your treasured piano. Whether your Upright or Grand Piano is played daily by family members or its a priceless family treasure, we ensure your piece gets to its destination safely.

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An Open Grand Piano in a Concert Hall in Houston before being moved.

Our passion for pianos means your instrument gets expert care while being transported to its destination. We back up our specialized moving service with friendly customer service and expert movers with years of experience ready to please you on your moving day. Whether we are transporting your piano across town or moving it across the state you’ll be in the strong hands of Houston Piano Movers.

We Love Moving Pianos!

“It’s not home if you don’t hear a piano.” That’s our feeling here at Houston Piano Movers. Growing up with many younger sisters in the home and a Mother who played and insisted her daughters play also, my childhood home was always filled with the sound of music. Particularly it was the piano, a Kimball to be exact, that I recall fondly.

Both the rudimentary beginner piano playing and the more advanced playing as my sisters practiced and grew their skill filled our home. Those sounds transport us back to a different time when things were easier. Piano music in the home is a treasure that sets the background music to your life. It’s desirable for any home and sets the tempo for your life.   

It only made sense to go into piano moving. It’s something we love doing for other people and their families. We love to see all the different types and styles found in pianos, from spinners to studio pianos and from grands to baby grands. It’s important to us that your piano arrives safely

Here is a grand piano packaged up for a short move in Houston.

The Local Piano Movers

Do you need your upright or grand piano moved within the same building, locally, or within the state of Texas?

We transport and move within all the local Houston towns and neighborhoods, as well as to major Texas cities.

We Are the Elite Local Piano Movers

Katy, Cypress, Pearland, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Pasadena, Houston, League City, Bay Town, Missouri City, Tomball, Conroe, Galveston and many more! 

We Move Pianos Across Texas Too!

College Station, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Cristi, Plano, Laredo, Lubbock, and all five corners of Texas.

***Ask about our moves to Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma***

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Professional Piano Movers

What does working with the best piano movers in Houston look like? Here are the steps to work with us and our process.

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1. Provide Information About Your Move

– Please have the piano style and brand name.
Please provide the current and destination address of your piano.
– Please provide your move date.

Please provide the location of the piano as it resides inside your home or building. Is it on the first floor? 2nd? 3rd? Are there any other accessibility issues we should know? Gravel driveway? Uneven sidewalk?
Piano styles:

Upright pianos
– Spinet 40” and shorter

– Consoles 41”-44”

– Studio uprights 45” and taller

Baby grand pianos
Grand pianos

2. Receive Your FREE Quote.

Once we obtain your information we will run some numbers and process your free quote.

3. We Prepare for an Exceptional Day

Behind the scenes, before your moving day, Houston Piano Movers is gathering all the right professional gear to make your piano move safe, stress and worry-free, and without any hiccups. We like to keep it smooth!

We gather moving blankets, tape, piano dollys, all-terrain dollys (if needed), skid boards, piano straps, and gloves. 

Black and White picture of a strong fist suitable for lifting and moving a piano in Houston
Back view of professional playing a black grand piano that Houston piano movers moved.

4. Your Piano Moving Day

Moving day! We will arrive at the time that is best for your schedule and begin the moving process.

Our first step is to ask if you have any special concerns or considerations for the move. We’ll answer any questions you may have.

We’ll want to see the piano, the room it is in, and we will lay out the path we’ll take to transporting it to the moving van. 

We then wrap the piano in moving blankets and secured with tape to provide the maximum amount of protection and coverage. 

Once that path is laid out, and the piano is protected, we will move anything that is needed to be moved in order to make a nice, clean, obstruction-free path out of your home or building and secured in our moving truck.

Our move is made and your piano is safely secured in our moving truck.

Once we arrive at the drop off location we do this same process of find and clearing a safe and navigable path to the room you want your piano to occupy. 

Why We are The Best Piano Movers in Houston TX

Here at Houston Piano Movers, we have a deep understanding of pianos and how to move them. This comes from years of experience dedicated to moving pianos. Here are some answers to questions you may have

Can I Move a Piano Myself?

Take it from us. Pianos are HEAVY. Spinets can weigh over 300 lbs and Grands can weigh as much as 1400 lbs. Once gravity comes into play, if things get out of hand, only something hard and solid is going to stop it. That’s dangerous for you. It takes an expert for things not to get out of hand.  

Even short moves across a room can be difficult. Even though a piano has casters/wheels doesn’t mean it can or should be rolled any great distance. The wheels aren’t there for them to be moved no more than a few inches. For short moves a cross the room, weights should be taken off the casters by having one person on each corner to lift the piano. 

Even if you can get a piano airborne, you have to be careful to lift equally. If weight is disproportional across the piano it may cause stress and damage. Why go through the hassle of moving a piano when you have Houston Piano Movers to do the heavy lifting?

There is also concern over damaging the finish. An improperly wrapped piano that bumps into anything will damage its finish. Even the lightest scratch, especially on a black piano, can be very noticeable.  

Here is an open grand piano in black moved from a auditorium by Houston piano movers

Do I Need to Tune a Piano After Moving It?

Shown is a black piano being played by a child and mother in Houston. Only their hands are shown.

A relatively quick move across a room or down some stairs or across town shouldn’t require a tune-up – if the move is done properly. However, what can necessitate a tune-up is if your piano move is out of town and/or it’s exposed to two different environments for a period of time. I’m of course talking about your piano going from your airconditioned home into Houston’s heat and humidity.

In these cases, your piano should sit for a few weeks, so it gets acclimated to its new environment, and then perform a tune-up.

Your average piano will have 230 steel strings stretched to a mind-blowing 18 tons of pressure. Baby grands have much more pressure wired up within them. As is such, a piano’s natural state is to be out of tune. For summer moves in Houston we recommend a tuneup 3 weeks after your piano is settled in its new location.

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